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A refrigerator or freezer should be thoroughly dry and stored with its door slightly ajar.

Books and Documents:

Boxes for book storage should be strong, clean, dry and able to be closed.  Ordinary cardboard cartons are suitable.  Do not use boxes previously used to hold food, as food residue and odours will attract pests.  Pack books flat to protect their spines.  Do not place boxes directly on cement floors.  Use palettes or blocks to aid air circulation.

Clothing, Drapes, Linens, and Bedding:

Clothing, curtains and drapes should be stored on hangers.  If items cannot be stored on hangers such items can be stored in dresser drawers or cedar chests along with bedding and linens.

Dishes and Glasses:

Wrap each one with packing paper and cushion them in the carton with crumpled packing paper.  All glass items should be wrapped: nest cups and bowls and stand plates, sauces, and platters on edge. Wrapped glasses should be placed near the top of cartons. Keep dish pack cartons under 30 pounds for easy handling.


Place a pallet, corrugated cardboard mat, or plastic sheet on the floor and stand sofas and mattresses on end. Dissemble beds and tables and wrap table legs in paper.  If a table will not dissemble, place padding on the floor and place the table on its top with the legs pointing up.  Use dresser tops for stacking cartons and dresser drawers for linens or small, delicate items.  Keep upholstery off the floor.  Most lightweight chairs can be stacked "seat to seat" or placed upside down on tables which cannot be disassembled.  Finally, place a light cotton (e.g. a bedsheet) dust cover on your furniture.  All facilities sell covers for your convenience.


Wrap your mirrors in paper mats. Always store mirrors on the edge, never flat.

Space-saving tips: 

  • Tables, beds, lawnmowers, and other large items should be disassembled, if possible.
  • Leave a center aisle for easy access to your goods.
  • Store frequently used items at the front of your unit so you can get to them easily.
  • Stand sofas and mattresses on end on a pallet or a plastic sheet, and use protective covers.
  • Stack boxes on dressers and use dresser drawers for folded clothing and smaller delicate items.
  • Store chairs inverted seat-to-seat.
  • Fill containers to capacity or fill extra pockets of space with packing material.

Here are a few packing tips to help you avoid breaking fragile items and damaging other valuables: 

  • Wrap glasses and dishes individually and use special dishpack boxes.
  • Utilize bubblewrap, foam sheets, packing peanuts and paper when packing any other glass items such as mirrors, lamps, figurines, etc.
  • Pack heavy items such as books in smaller boxes because of their weight.
  • Make sure heavier boxes are at the bottom of any stacking you do.
  • Remember to keep refrigerator doors slightly ajar, with an open box of baking soda inside.
  • Keep greasy items such as tools, lawnmowers, etc. away from furniture to avoid oil staining.
  • Do not use newsprint to pack anything that could be stained by the ink.
  • Stack lighter boxes on top of bigger, heavier ones.
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